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undoubtedly, current society’s constant need to be on the go plays a large role in the development of car cup holders. Consumers are constantly driving further distances in order to obtain work, often resulting in two to four hours spent in their vehicles every day. As with other types of automobile developments, car cup holders have been designed to make the drive more pleasant. But enhancements in cup holders are not restricted to automobiles only. Regardless of what type of vehicle an individual uses to get around, there is likely a cup holder that has been developed especially for them.

The earliest holders appeared in the late 1950s, as part of the car’s glove compartment. These were popular devices at the time, because they allowed a place to set drinks during a drive-through movie, which was a common type of entertainment. However, these glove compartment holders did not allow the inhabitants of the vehicle to place their drink in the holder while the car was in motion.

History Of Car Cup Holders

The beginning of the 1960s saw the invention of the clip-on cup holder. These were most often attached to the inside of the window, although some were made to fit with the car’s console. Consumers began to experience vehicles with already built-in cup holders on a regular basis in the 1980s. A variety of devices, including a car ashtray cup holder, a car console cup holder and a cup holder car organizer have become popular since.

With people spending more time in their cars with their children, often driving their children to various recreational activities, car makers have responded by providing backseat DVD players. The cup holder industry has responded by making car seat cup holders to help keep the children happy for long rides.

For older people on the go, special cup holders for motorcycles and cup holders for trucks are available to withstand the rougher turbulence that these drivers often experience. After all, every trucker and motorcycle driver needs their Starbucks as much as automobile drivers do.

The popularity of party drinks and early morning coffee have holders popular in trains, boats and buses. A common type, particularly common with boat cup holders, is a plastic device that uses a plastic lid to keep the liquid from spilling.

Different Types Of Car Cup Holders

For people who have restricted mobility, useful home devices include cup holders for wheelchairs. Whether the user is watching tv or moving from room to room, these devices allow them to take their beverage with them, while allowing their hands to be free in order to operate the wheelchair.

Cup holders have come a long way since their humble glove compartment beginnings. Whether a person is operating a truck, a motorcycle, a car, or a wheelchair, there is a cup holder specially designed to allow them to have their beverage of choice close to them, so there are more to cup holders than just car cup holders as you can see.

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Finding The Best Cup Holders For Your Motorcycle

As is the case with car accessories, there are many different styles and manufacturers of cup holders for motorcycles available. Also like car accessories, the style and brand of drink holders for motorcycles that an owner chooses may depend upon a number of factors, including colors and personal preferences. However, when looking for a cup holder for a motorcycle, owners should keep a three main considerations in mind.

One consideration to keep in mind when searching for cup holder accessories for a motorcycle is the size of the cup holder. Most varieties of cup holders expand in order to fit any size handlebar. However, a motorcycle cup holder may come in a version that cannot be expanded and can only fit onto one specific size of handlebar. Thus, potential owners should check the diameter of their bike’s handlebars before going shopping for a cup holder. Popular models of cup holders that mount to the bike’s handlebars include the Kuryakyn Snap-N-Go and the Butler Motorcycle Mug Holder.

Harley Davidson Cup Holders

A secondary consideration in picking the right cup holder for a Harley Davidson or other bike is to compare where the cup holder is going to sit on the bike. While the handlebar cup holder is a very common accessory, a motorcycle passenger cup holder may attach to a belt or saddlebag. A popular brand of cup holder that serves as an alternative to handlebar holders is the Kuryakyn Saddlebag Cup Holder.

A third consideration in picking Harley Davidson cup holders, or other motorcycle cup holders, is the ability of the cup holder to keep items in place and not bounce out of the holder. For car owners, many of the snap-on varieties of holders leave a lot of open space in the area that holds the cup into place. This is fine for cars, but motorcycles do not have a floor to catch any falling cups that may overturn. It’s recommended that the holder for a motorcycle have completely solid bottoms and sides in order to keep the cup in place.

Having solid sides and a solid bottom also allows drivers to store extra items in the cup holder besides a cup. For motorcyclists, this is a key feature because the lack of storage space can be a definite issue for drivers. Many of these types of cup holders feature detachable lids. There are a number of popular brands, including Kruzer Kaddy, Biker Gifts and Rivco.

Motorcycle drivers crave the freedom to get on their bike and hit the open road. This type of freedom often includes the fun of a solo trip, but cup holders for motorcycles are important accessories for even the most solitary motorcycle lover.

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